PECBMS methods

The methods that PECBMS uses to produce species population trends and indices and wild bird indicators have been described in several scientific papers. The internationally accepted standards according to which national monitoring schemes, being the data source for PECBMS, are organized, are available in textbooks and scientific papers. Also, the PECBMS Best Practice Guide (Voříšek et al., 2008) contains many information on methods. But as a consequence, the information on methods is scattered.

On this web page we bring together all this information to facilitate the understanding of data collection, and analysis procedures. The text in PECBMS Methods proceeds step by step, from national bird monitoring schemes to European multispecies bird indicators, and ends with a chapter on quality control performed at each step.

Questions and Answers

The most important questions that have been asked about PECBMS methods and interpretation of results are answered in Questions and Answers.

Useful reading

Here you can find list of useful citations of publications for further reading on monitoring.


Download and read about  programmes used to determine species populations´ trends and for the preparation and statistical analysis of bird counts data in a standardised way.